We are a private members club, uniting business leaders from West and East, aiming to transform themselves to a next level and help young start-ups from the Baltics and CIS to skyrocket growth. Our members, usually after 40, will explore digital economy and adopt new instruments for own industries. How? By learning from carefully selected start-up founders. You will get only the TRUTH from real doer’ of new age. Digitalized businesses will account for over 3 Trillion $ in next five years, and members will know exactly how to play this game, and some might decide to invest in best teams, using our syndicate. Finally, club community is also a collective consultant, to get answers to any current business challenge that bothers you. We will work in small groups to share best practice with each other, but Changer Connect will set appointments between members, to get you new clients, partners and mentors. Members’ children have complimentary access to get motivation from supercharged startup peers, taking back fresh ideas into family business. Powerful club environment shall determine your growth and set new personal goals.



The future of making money lies in technology. If you want to turn 100,000 Euro into 100,000,000 – you need mistakes-proven knowledge how Digital Economy operates, inside out.
Club Changer hunts all over the world rare venture capitalists, who explain trends shifting analogue business into digital. They also open up secrets of start-up investing. All told in “human” language.
These remarkable gentlemen already visited Changer - Bas Godska (Acrobator.vc Holland - foreign angel investor Nr.1 in CIS countries), Bill Morrow (UK, AngelDen leading business angel in Europe), Konstantin Vinogradov (RunaCAPITAL, most active Russian fund operating in 12 countries), Aivaras Abromavicius (founder of EastCapital, Sweden and ex-minister of Economy of Ukraine)



Investing into a startup is a high risk decision with potentially high return. Venture capital funds provide high returns (20% p.a. and higher on average) but do so by investing into large number of startups. Most of their investment portfolio fails, however some of startups in their portfolio provide 10x or even 100+ returns. If you invest into 1, 2, or even 5 startups personally as an angel investor, chances are high that your portfolio will fail completely and you will loose most of your money. You need to get shares in 10+ startups to expect decent return with lower risk, however it's quite expensive if you do it on your own.

This is where syndicated investment makes a lot of sense. If you invest together with, say, 20 investors then you need 20 times less money to get the same number of startups into your portfolio. ChangerBAN does exactly that: this is a syndicate of investors run by professional fund manager.

By investing with syndicate, you also save time and money on legal procedures. Investing into startups is often a tough challenge, you need to negotiate your deal with founders, do due diligence of the company and paperwork, keep in touch with the team later on. This is where syndicate is more effective than a single investor. Due diligence is done by professional fund manager, he is taking a board seats to supervise portfolio companies after investment is made and to help them grow, raise next rounds or make an exit.
Syndicate is also a good partner for startups. Having 20 angel investors on board with expertise in different areas and diverse contact networks is much more useful than raising money from a single investor. Syndicated investment into seed stage company is smart money that help startups to grow.

ChangerBAN is looking for early stage startups with a high growth potential from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Typical investment is 100-200KEUR.
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Members and reference


Aleksandrs Minajevs (LV) Kronus / Alexander Tsikhilov (EE) Admiral Markets / Anatolijs Prohorovs (LV) Proks Capital / Andrejs Pavlovs (LV) Venden / Dmitri Laush (EE) Admiral Markets / Jekaterina Stuģe (LV) SPI Group / Kirill Voloshin (BY) Tut.by, hoster.by / Oļegs Butenko (LV) Unimars / Ivars Rudzītis (LV) Realty Nr.1 / Jānis Lasmanis (LV) Arbowindows / Andžejs Neguliners (LV) ZTowers / Aleksandrs Cimbaļuks (LV) Mobius / Kristjan Sild (EE) Sild Capital / Vladimirs Barsuks (LV) Zilais Putns / Eduards Zolotuhins (LV) AI Assistant Group / Andrejs Kisiks (LV) Private investor / Roberts Misāns (LV) Initiative / Mārtiņš Kažemaks (LV) TopMedia / Viktors Barons (UK) SKY Unlimited / Dmitrijs Ginzburgs (UK) SKY Unlimited / Kim Leandersson (SE) Cognizant / Aleksandrs Vronskis (LV) Baltic Selects Eesti / Vadims Muhins (LV) Mogotel / Jevgenijs Saproņenko (LV) IGym / Roberts Stuģis (LV) Callidus Capital / Renārs Neimanis (LV) Bite Latvija / Sergejs Djomins (LV) Global Smart Distribution / Aleksejs Nevskis (RU) Barton Distribution / Andrei Shirokov (EE) Intelligent-S / Maksims Matuļevičs (LV) Money Express / Bislans Abdulmuslimovs (LV) AB Holding / Natālija Tumševica (LV) Royal Events / Dāvids Štēbelis (LV) Alina / Philippe Cohen (FR) Eastern Trading / Sergejs Malikovs (LV) WestCredit / Sandris Artemjevs (LV) Codelex Work / Ansis Spridzāns (LV) Spridzans Law Office / Andrey Sinyavin (US) Redmond, Ready For Sky / Aleksandrs Radčenko (LV) Cognizant / Artjoms Jerņevs (LV) Lindstrom / Aleksandrs Meilehs (LV) RD Electronics / Andrei Doktoroff (LV) HRMNY / Maksims Mališko (LV) Grand Credit / Leo Matveev (BY) Search Inform / Anton Dmitriev (BY) Quattro Capital / Iveta Bruvele (LV) Wandoo Finance / Ričards Zakss (LV) SuperFM Group / Sergejs Hohlovs (RU) ADMADE / Oksana Sivokobilska (LV) Bank Sankt Peterburg / Vjacheslav Nebogatih (LV) Garmin, Changer / Arkādijs Šteimans (LV) Changer / Andrei Korobeinik (EE) Yanu, Changer / Aleksejs Sušilovs (LV) Unimars / Dmitry Latishev (LV) Blue Orange bank / Māris Avotiņš (LV) Avots Investīcijas / Robert John Harmander (SE) Harmander & Ventures / Aleksandra Čudova (LV) IT Camp / Vadim Jeroshenko (LV) Laika Stars / Dainis Vodolagins (LV) DV Tax Consulting / Dina Kurzemniece (LV) Jelgavas Pils Aptieka / Jurgis Adomavicius (LT) Bunasta / Raivis Zabis (LV) Fabrika Rauna / Deniss Uljanovs (LV) Metalekspo / Vineta Brutane (LV) MoonCom / Deividas Jacka (LT) Civinity / Norbertas Pranckus (LT) Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys / Mihails Šlujevs (LV) Sencis / Tim Stanley (UK) Control risks / Mats Kjaer (SE) Private investor / Alise Vilka (LV) ATEA / Anton Geier (DE/LV) Bus Charter Service / Guntis Pontags (LV) Estoty / Vasīlijs Siņicins (LV) Estoty / Karīna Ābiķe (LV) Neoklasika / Munira Shabanova (RU) Private investor / Sergejs Frolovs (LV) Buvuzraugi.lv / Alise Eljašāne (LV) Amenda Markets / Uldis Dzērve (LV) Unibrokker / Artur Geisari (LV) Monify / Alla Kisik (LV) Private investor / Mark Bradshaw (UK) SL Casino / Jevgenijs Podbrezskis (LV) BTCBIT / Mantas Petruskevicius (LT) Ospace / Cyril Golub (BY) Angels Band / Vadim Vakaryuk (UA) GenMedica Baltic / Armands Broks (LV) TWINO / Maxim Chernuschenko (SG) CashWagon / Eduard Janakov (RU) Dalpolimetall / Donats Larionovs (LV) Biplan Group / Roman Bersenev (LV) BCS / Kristofs Blauss (LV) Science22.com / Vladislavs Baranovskis (LV) EU Trader / Jans Rimvids Mickevics (LV) EU Trader / Konstantin Siniushin (RU) The Untitled / Pavel Zeigermaher (UA/LV) Intelligent Solution Group / Maxim Terekhovich (LV) 1Click Games / Nikolai Kirpichnikov (BY) Investment Holding Company Firestrong / Elina Maligina (LV) Private investor / Leonid Tarasov (RU) Ocane Investments / Gregory Klumov (UAE) Ocane Investments / Robert Kakiashvili (LV) Shatun / Eugene Fedyanin (LV) Private investor / Yury Shamrei (BY) SumatoSoft / Alexey Girin (US) Starta Ventures / Roman Rymsha (LT) Cortlex / Edvin Kornelius (LV) Private investor / Alessandro Pietrocola (IT/UK) Astorts Group / Pavel Ahafonau (LT) Happymagenta/Incredum / Andis Jekabsons (LV) Private investor / Roman Pakholkov (LT/BY) Promwad Electronics Design House / Yury Rabinovich (LV/UK) BagsPorter / Nikolai Pusniakov (LV) Midis / Rolands Vavulis (LV) Hauss Real Estate / Deivids Barons (LV) AVER Investments / Thomas Kralow (LV) Thomas Kralow Trading Education / Tullio Liblik (EE) Saarte Investeering / Simone Mazzuca (IT/SE) Wallex Custody / Marieta Genova (IT/SE) Wallex Custody / Eriks Bergmans (LV) Colliers International / Arturs Evarts (LV) Amber Beverage Group / Vitali Likhadzed (BY) ITRex / Vladimirs Račinskis (BY/LV) Bm.lv / Denis Belaichuk (LV) Transcoin.me / Andrei Andreev (BY/LT) White Lion / Vlad Koriagin (LV) Baltic Travel Group / Martiņš Lasmanis (LV) Legalbet / Aleksejs Trudovs (LV) Legalbet / Jurijs Korostelev (LV) Legalbet / Dmitry Fedorin (LV) Brigada LV / Jurijs Koņuhovs (LV) XO group / Jānis Bazevics (LV) Private investor / Dmitrijs Luhmirins (LV) Aurocon Tech / Ģirts Līcis (LV) Private investor / Edijs Ošs (LV) Palleteries / Auseklis Sarkans (LV) Starlex / Deniss Belovs (EE) MeP Trans / Aleksandrs Abuzjarovs (LV) Marine Underwriting


Club Members every year enjoy:

12 high-caliber events online or live in Riga
Each session included: keynote from internationally acclaimed venture capitalist, 4 regional startups presentations, high-class reception and a jazz concert
“Great Wines Bar. Unlimited”
Unique networking with real business leaders from Baltics, Russia, Nordics and Western Europe bonded together with a mission of self-development and learning DigitalEconomy
Complimentary access for members’ children starting 15 years old
Free access to Changer Master Classes on most pressing business issues run by professional and experienced speakers – real entrepreneurs
ChangerConnect service – opportunity to set-up individual meeting with any member of the club
New: group mastermind discussions (7 people, 30 min) to get solutions for most pressing business challenges – world most acclaimed development technique
Working languages: English + Russian



Criteria for club membership: personal annual income min 75,000Eur. Experience in business min 7 years. Regular investments in professional development. Readiness to share own experience with other club members. Interest in start-up investments from the East, some of them can bring up 100x returns. Final decision on accepting new candidate will be made upon personal interview.

Annual membership fee (12x events per year): 5,000 Eur + VAT (only 415,- Eur per event)

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: +371 26094989 (WhatsApp)



All events start at 18:00-23:00

24.01.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Keynote, Peep Kuld, founder of Estonian startup Cleveron. How investors increased value by 50x?
28.02.2019 Tallinn Keynote, Aivaras Abromavicius, EastCapital partner, ex-Minister of Economy Ukraine
28.03.2019 Riga, Z-towers – Denis Aleinikov, one of the key persons behind creating economical miracle in IT in Belarus
25.04.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Konstantin Vinogradov RunaCapital (Moscow, Paris, London)
30.05.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Bas Godska Acrobator.vc (Amsterdam, Kiev)
29.08.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Alexey Girin Startaventures.com (NewYork)
26.09.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 - Max Shehovtsov Geneziz Capital
24.10.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 – Eugene Kuznetsov Singularity University
21.11.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 – Bill Morrow, Angels Den, business angel #1 in Europe (UK)
19.12.2019 Riga – Alexey Moskalev, Longevity specialist Nr.1 in the world
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> 23.01.2020 Riga, Porsche Centre – Vitaly Polekhin INVESTORO (Russia)
27.02.2020 Riga, Porsche Centre - Kairat Kelimbetov, Director of Astana International Financial Centre (Kazakhstan)
26.03.2020 Riga - Eugene Cherniak (UA)
30.04.2020 Riga - Marvin Liao, 500 Startups (US)
28.05.2020 Riga – Dmitry Chikhachev RunaCAPITAL (USA)
30.06.2020 Riga - Igor Ryabenkiy, AltaIR Capital (Israel)
30.07.2020 Tallinn - Alex Chachava, Leta Capital (Russia)
27.08.2020 Riga - Ilja Laurs, Nextury Ventures (Lithuania)
24.09.2020 Riga - Bas Godska, Acrobator.VC (Netherlands)
22.10.2020 Riga - Eugene Kuznetsov, Orbita Capital (Russia)
19.11.2020 Online - Pavel Cherkashin, Mindrock Capital (USA)
17.12.2020 Online - Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine (Hong Kong)
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Andrei Doktoroff, HRMNY founder


Matching business partners who are on the same wavelength!

The Club is growing rapidly and today has 100 members from 9 countries. How to understand who is the best business partner for you based on his personal qualities? Who will share your values? In cooperation with HRMNY and its founder Andrei Doktorov, the Club offers a new magical service for all the members – PERSONALITY TYPOLOGY. What it is? Typology is the definition of an innate type of personality, that allows you to predict compatibility with the people around you and establish business contacts with the partners, who have the biggest potential for developing a joint venture. Today, we are offering such a service to any member of the Club for more successful interaction with the right business partners!

Sign up for typology idea@clubchanger.com or write on Whatsapp.