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Changer is a private business club, a community of successful "industrial" entrepreneurs, investors, and top managers from the West and the East who believe that influence is determined by the ability to change. We learn from each other's experience, create international boards of directors and invest in the future.

Changer Club members, usually 45+, are watching an unprecedented economic transformation to digital, but how to figure out digital business models by yourself? How to be the first investor in technologies that will skyrocket tomorrow? We decided to learn from visionary venture capitalists from all over the world and carefully selected startup founders, adapting their techniques to transform our own businesses. In 5 years, all businesses will be digitized - it's time to figure it out! We are not simply learning - we are co-investing with small checks in closed pre-IPO deals in the USA and Europe, using the Club's convenient syndicate fund.

Changer does not require flights, you can stay in any place in the world, being with members online aтd feeling like a part of a close-knit team of curious millionaires (yes, your current state must be convincing - see the admission criteria below). And when you decide to meet your fellow members live – welcome to unforgettable offline shows in Zurich, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and Riga (see dates below).

International environment, technology, and investment – this means Changer Club.



The future of making money lies in technology. If you want to turn 100,000 Euro into 100,000,000 you need mistakes-proven knowledge of how the Digital Economy operates inside out. Club Changer hunts all over the world rare venture capitalists, who explain trends shifting analog business into digital. They also open up secrets of start-up investing. All told in “human” language.

These remarkable gentlemen have already visited Changer - Jon Medved, OurCrowd (Israel, “Godfather” of Start-up Nation), Bill Morrow, Angels Den (UK, leading business angel in Europe), Bas Godska, Acrobator.vc (Holland, foreign angel investor Nr.1 in CIS countries).


Investing in pre-IPO tech stars

Investing into a startup is a high risk decision. 95% of startup investments fail but waiting time to hit a unicorn is 10 years. There is a better approach - pre-IPO investments in deals like SpaceX, Courserra or Udemy. The probability of failure is less then 0.01% and investors can expect 2-3x returns within just few years. However secondaries markets require checks worth several millions and access to highly demanded deals.

This is where syndicated investment makes a lot of sense. If you invest together with, say, 20 investors then you access to unique US tech stars with checks from just 10,000 Eur.

By investing with syndicate, you also save time and money on legal procedures. Investing into startups is often a tough challenge, you need to negotiate your deal with founders, do due diligence of the company and paperwork, keep in touch with the team later on. This is where syndicate is more effective than a single investor. Due diligence is done by professional syndicate manager, he supervise portfolio companies after investment is made and to help them grow, raise next rounds or make an exit.
Changer Club syndicate does even better. We co-invest with curated US venture capital companies. We make both primary investments directly participating in financing rounds and secondary deals in late stage, pre-IPO companies. This way our members learn business models from world most exciting tech firms, have professional VCs take care about investment management and enjoy high returns.

Changer members have invested over 7 mln Eur in Udemy, Discord and Space X, with checks from 10,000 Eur.

We have already had the first EXIT – 4X on Israeli robotics startup MEMIC.

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Club members every year enjoy:

  • 12x high-caliber online/offline events with internationally acclaimed venture capitalists
  • Unique networking with 200 real business leaders from 19 countries, incl. Baltics, Nordics, CIS countries and SE Asia bonded together with a mission of self-development and learning Digital Economy
  • Access to pre-IPO investment deals in US with checks from 10k Eur
  • The opportunity to learn and transform in a company of global entrepreneurs
  • Complimentary access for members’ children starting 15 years old
  • ChangerConnect service – opportunity to set-up individual meeting with any member of the club.


  • Forming your own virtual board of directors among Changer Club members to solve your business issues and stimulate the growth. A fresh view and critical advice form highly experienced entrepreneurs from the the Club will be a catalyst for new changes.

Working languages: English + Russian


  • Qualified Investor Status - 500kEur+ in liquid assets
  • 2 references from publicly known entrepreneurs
  • Readiness to co-invest 50kEur+ per year

Admission to the club only by recommendation or via security-check

The final decision on accepting a new candidate will be made upon a personal interview.
In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: +371 26094989 (WhatsApp)



January 25-26 - Dubai
February 22-23 - Vienna
March 28-29 - Istanbul
April 25-26 - Dubai
May 30-31 - Riga
June 27-28 - Limassol
July 25-26 - Milan
August 29-30 - Lausanne
September 26-27 - Dubai
October 24-25 - Madrid
November 21-22 - Dubai
December 12-13 - Munich


24.01.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Keynote, Peep Kuld, founder of Estonian startup Cleveron. How investors increased value by 50x?
28.02.2019 Tallinn Keynote, Aivaras Abromavicius, EastCapital partner, ex-Minister of Economy Ukraine
28.03.2019 Riga, Z-towers – Denis Aleinikov, one of the key persons behind creating economical miracle in IT in Belarus
25.04.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Konstantin Vinogradov RunaCapital (Moscow, Paris, London)
30.05.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Bas Godska Acrobator.vc (Amsterdam, Kiev)
29.08.2019 Riga, Z-towers - Alexey Girin Startaventures.com (NewYork)
26.09.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 - Max Shehovtsov Geneziz Capital
24.10.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 – Eugene Kuznetsov Singularity University
21.11.2019 Riga, BlueOrange Bank, Smilšu 6 – Bill Morrow, Angels Den, business angel #1 in Europe (UK)
19.12.2019 Riga – Alexey Moskalev, Longevity specialist Nr.1 in the world


23.01.2020 Riga, Porsche Centre – Vitaly Polekhin INVESTORO (Russia)
27.02.2020 Riga, Porsche Centre - Kairat Kelimbetov, Director of Astana International Financial Centre (Kazakhstan)
26.03.2020 Riga - Eugene Cherniak (UA)
30.04.2020 Riga - Marvin Liao, 500 Startups (US)
28.05.2020 Riga – Dmitry Chikhachev RunaCAPITAL (USA)
30.06.2020 Riga - Igor Ryabenkiy, AltaIR Capital (Israel)
30.07.2020 Tallinn - Alex Chachava, Leta Capital (Russia)
27.08.2020 Riga - Ilja Laurs, Nextury Ventures (Lithuania)
24.09.2020 Riga - Bas Godska, Acrobator.VC (Netherlands)
22.10.2020 Riga - Eugene Kuznetsov, Orbita Capital (Russia)
19.11.2020 Online - Pavel Cherkashin, Mindrock Capital (USA)
17.12.2020 Online - Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine (Hong Kong)


27.01.2021 Online, Margulan Seissembayev, Asadel Partners (Kazakhstan)
24.02.2021 Online, Rob Ness, Asymmetry Ventures & Igor Shoifot, TMT Investments (USA)
24.03.2021 Online, Jonathan Medved, OurCROWD (Israel)
28.04.2021 Online, Martin Villig, Bolt (Estonia)
26.05.2021 Online, Eugene Kuznecov, Singularity University (Russia)
30.06.2021 LIVE, Bill Morrow, Angels Den (UK), BlueOrange Bank, Riga
25.08.2021 LIVE, Sergey Young, Longevity Vision Fund (UK)
30.09.2021 LIVE, Ruben Vardanyan, Billionaire and Visionary | Vardanyan, Broitman & Partners (RU)


27.01.2022 Riga, Porsche Centre - Mairis Briedis, three-time world boxing champion & Eyal Lifschitz, Peregrin Ventures (Israel)
24.02.2022 Riga, Porsche Centre - Konstantin Siniushin, The Untitled Ventures (Luxembourg)
31.03.2022 Riga (Latvia) - Beth Healey (UK), Medical Doctor, Space Mission explorer (UK)
28.04.2022 Zurich (Switzerland) - Saul Singer (ISRAEL), New York Times bestseller StartUp Nation co - author
26.05.2022 Riga (Latvia) - Oleg Konovalov (UK), the Da Vinci of Visionary Leadership
30.06.2022 Riga (Latvia) - Jon Medved (Israel), the Godfather of Israel Startup Nation
28.07.2022 Tallinn (Estonia) - Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, world’s legendary expert in personal growth
25.08.2022 Barcelona (Spain) - Alexander E. Brunner, the founding father of Swiss Cryptovalley and Pavel Cherkashin, the founder of $1BN VC fund Mindrock Capital
29.09.2022 Riga (Latvia)
01.11.2022 Lisbon (Portugal) - Jonas Kjellberg, co-founder Skype
24.11.2022 Riga (Latvia)
22.12.2022 Riga (Latvia)


January 26-27 - Riga
February 14-16 - Tel Aviv, OurCrowd Investors summit
March 30-31 - Riga
April 27-28 - Lausanne
May 25-26 - London
June 15-16 - Amsterdam, TNW Conference
July 27-28 - Tallinn
August 24-25 - Lausanne
September 28-29 - Berlin
October 26-27 - Dubai
November 16-17 - Lisbon, Websummit
December 14-15 - Riga

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